fuck yeah interesting facts
Tom Cruise’s full name isn’t actually Tom Cruise. His real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.
The world doesn’t take 24 hours to turn on its axis. It really takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds.
When a puppy is born it can’t go to the bathroom by themselves either. They need their moms to massage them with their tongues to get them to do their business.
Lincoln faces to the right on pennies - the only president on a coin to do so.
Starfish have an eye on each one of their 5 arms.
Giant squids exist, and they have the largest eyes in the world - 11 inches.
Whale sharks are the biggest sharks in the world, but they’re completely harmless.
Mosquitoes can fly through rain drops without getting hit.
The voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were actually married in real life.
Mosquitos are attracted to pregnant women, overweight people, and sweaty people.
The new “Karate Kid” movie doesn’t have any Karate in it. It’s actually about Kung-Fu.
The male Angler Fish spends its life latched to the female. When it dies, the female keeps using its sperm to reproduce.
A Japanese soldier refused to surrender to U.S. forces after WWII. Instead, he hid in Guam for 27 years.
Swearing when you’re hurt helps reduce pain. In a study, volunteers who cursed could tolerate pain for nearly 50% longer than volunteers who did not.
There’s a man who is ‘allergic’ to Wi-Fi. It’s a condition called “Electromagnetic Sensitivity”.